AHR 2019 Expo

We launched the year by attending the AHR event in Atlanta at the end of January. While there, we saw many of our friends and partners, as well as made many news ones. Keep your eyes open for these new relationships to start appearing on our website in the form of new products and offerings around the 3rd quarter.  

As we mentioned in the past, we attend this event every year  with a lot of success coming from it.

Many of our partners and colleagues from the far east  celebrated their Chinese New Year on February 5th, and 2019 for them will be the year of the pig. Lets all try and stay up with them and make our 2019 the year of the Pig (without enhancing our waistlines too much!!)

Happy New Year to all. We hope you have an excellent 2019!

Jan 24th 2019 Bert Picardi

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