Introducing Frigidaire!

Fall is finally here! The leaves are changing colors, the record breaking weather events are subsiding, and the temperature is cooling down. However, in some places it's getting a bit too cold.

Thankfully ACR4SALE is now carrying a new model of Frigidaire mini split. You know Frigidaire, right? They made the appliances that were sold in SEARS back when shopping malls were super popular. Well now they’re working with us and I can hardly believe it. From washer/dryer combos to blenders they are one of the top brands of appliance in the US. Now they’re delving into HVAC and we’re here to help. To start off with a bang they’ve made the perfect secondary heater for any room in your home, in almost any weather conditions in the US.

Expecting freezing outdoor temperatures this winter? Causing your other ductless air conditioners refrigerant to freeze in the lines? These units have Low Ambient Temperature Operation, so they will be able to work even in freezing weather! This 24,000 BTU unit is ideal for 1,400 to 1,500 square foot rooms. Taking the ambiance of a room from cold and uncomfortable to warm and welcoming. Not to mention the inverse, during summer it will turn the hottest of rooms into a cool oasis. Comfort and conditioning at its finest, this is an essential for the new seasons and the new year.

Improve one of your rooms or buy someone the gift of a life time with one of these, now available at our online store!

Nov 7th 2017

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