Welcoming our newest addition to our squad, round of applause for George C.!

We will be publishing here updates to our team!

Here are 5 quick questions to get to know our newest addition: George C. who joined us Sept 1, 2020!!

CAN YOU PROVIDE A LITTLE BACKGROUND ON YOURSELF? = Born in Miami, Florida to Hispanic parents, one being Venezuelan and the other Dominican,  so I am bilingual Spanish and English. Many years of experience in the warehousing/distribution/import/export world but never before with HVAC products, so I'm excited about learning!

WHAT WAS IT ABOUT ACR4SALE THAT ATTRACTED YOU THE MOST? The diversity of goods and a new and different environment

WAS THERE A PROJECT OR INITIATIVE IN YOUR CAREER THAT STICKS OUT THE MOST? When I took it upon myself to learn new horizons... new trades.... new things

WHAT ARE A COUPLE OF HOBBIES OUTSIDE OF WORK THAT YOU ENJOY? Working on my own construction and updating projects at home, updating light fixtures, fixing household goods! Etc.

WHERE DO YOU ENVISION SPENDING YOUR NEXT VACATION?  I would like to go to the Greek Islands on the Mediterranean sea

Sep 16th 2020 Bert P.

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