C554A1463 Honeywell Cadmium Sulfide Flame Detector

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  • C554A1463 Honeywell Cadmium Sulfide Flame Detector
  • C554A1463 Honeywell Cadmium Sulfide Flame Detector
  • C554A1463 Honeywell Cadmium Sulfide Flame Detector
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Honeywell C554A1463 Cadmium Sulfide Flame Detector
Cadmium-Sulfide Flame Detector with 60 in. leads, Type “R” bracket and higher sensitivity Cad Cell



  • This is a photoconductive flame sensing device for sequencing oil burner systems
  • During a flame failure, the light sensitive cadmium sulfide cell, along with flame sensing circuitry, will cause the Protectorelay control to shutdown the main oil burner
  • With a glass to metal hermetic seal plug-in cell, it prevents deterioration by humidity, soot or oil fumes


Product Features

  • Replaceable CAD cell
  • Type R mounting bracket
  • Electrical Connections: leadwires: NEC Class 1; Includes 2 flag 1/4 in. quick connects.
  • 140 F temperature range
  • Includes:A, B, E, J and P mounting brackets and fuel line adaptor



Can Be Use To Replace:

  • Arkla 15600-27
  • Bard 8400-004
  • Luxaire 21-0831
  • White Rodgers 63-0485, 63-2006 , 956-1, 956-139, 956-90
  • Johnson Controls C10
  • Honeywell C554A1026, C554A1034, C554A1091, C554A1141, C554A1158, C554A1174, C554A1216, C554A1232, C554A1331, C554A1349, C554A1356, C554A1422, C554A1448, C554A1497, C554A1505, C554A1521, C554A1539, C554A1547, C554A1562, C554A1604, C554A1612, C554A1620, C554A1679, C554A1711

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More Information about C554A

Cadmium sulfide cell resistant to oxidation
Features glass-to-metal hermetic seal enduring high temperatures
Protector relay control shuts main oil burner on flame failure

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