R7849A1023 Honeywell Flame Amplifier

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Solid state plug-in amplifiers that respond to flame detector inputs to indicate the presence of flame when use with 7800 SERIES relay modules.



  • Flame failure response time of 0.8 or 3.0 seconds.
  • Flame signal strength ranges from 0.0 to 5.0 Vdc.
  • Plug into 7800 relay module through printed circuit board edge connector keyed for proper orientation.
  • Flame signal test jacks to measure amplifier flame signal voltage.
  • Color-coded labels identify flame detection type. Dynamic Self-Check Amplifier test the detectors and all electronic components in the flame detection system 7800 SERIES relay module locks out on safety shutdown with flame detection system failure.
  • Compatible with existing Honeywell flame detectors (order separately).


Product Specifications

Color: Purple
Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
Listed: File No. MP268, Guide No. MCCZ
Approvals, Canadian Standards Association
Certified: File No. LR95329-3
Flame Failure Response Time (sec)
2.0 sec or 3.0 sec
Approvals, Swiss RE
Approvals, Factory Mutual
Approved: Report No. 1V9A0.AF
Self Checking
None (standard)
Use With Primary Safety Control
7800 SERIES Relay Modules
Use With Flame Sensor
Gas, Oil: Minipeeper C7027A, C7035A, C7044


The R7849A1023 is a specific model of a flame amplifier produced by Honeywell. These flame amplifiers are designed for use in burner control systems to amplify the flame signal from flame detectors, enabling the main control system to verify the presence of a flame. If no flame is detected, the system can shut off the fuel supply, thus ensuring safety.

Some typical features and points related to the R7849A1023 and similar Honeywell flame amplifiers include:

Compatibility: This flame amplifier is generally designed to work with Honeywell's 7800 SERIES relay modules.

Flame Signal: The flame amplifier works by taking the weak signal from a flame detector and amplifying it. This amplified signal can then be used by the burner control system to determine if there is an active flame.

LED Indication: These devices often come with LED indicators to display the status of the flame. This provides visual confirmation to maintenance personnel or operators about the presence or absence of flame.

Plug-In Design: Many Honeywell flame amplifiers have a plug-in design, making them easy to install or replace without the need for extensive rewiring.

Dynamic Self-Check: Some models, including ones in the 7800 series, come with a dynamic self-check feature that continuously monitors the amplifier's own operation to ensure it's working properly.

Types of Flames Detected: Depending on the model and the associated flame detector, Honeywell flame amplifiers can detect flames from various fuels, including gas, oil, and coal.

If you are considering using or purchasing this particular model, it's essential to refer to the specific technical documentation and manuals provided by Honeywell. This will give detailed specifications, installation instructions, and compatibility information.

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