SV9520H8513 Honeywell Smart Gas Valve

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Description 1/2" NPT Smart Gas Valve - Slow Opening
Opening Slow
Body Pattern Straight-Through
Voltage 24Vac; 50/60 Hz
Ignition Trial Time 90 sec
Prepurge 15 sec
Inlet Size 1/2"
Outlet Size 1/2"
Ignition Type Intermittent Hot Surface Pilot
Accessories included *Includes: Natural to LP Conversion kit and Extension harness

SV9501H2417, SV9501H3423, 

SV9502H2704, SV9502H1706, 

SV9501H2409, SV9501H3415, 


Fuel Type Natural gas/LP*
Ignition Trials to Lockout Continuous Retry


Honeywell SmartValve gas valves are sophisticated controls designed for gas-fired heating appliances. They play a crucial role in ensuring the safe, efficient operation of these appliances. Here are some primary uses and applications for Honeywell SmartValve gas valves:

  1. Gas-Fired Furnaces: These are perhaps the most common application for SmartValve gas valves. In residential and commercial settings, these valves help control the flow of gas to the burners, ensuring efficient heating while also prioritizing safety.
  2. Gas-Fired Boilers: Similar to furnaces, boilers heat water instead of air. SmartValve gas valves can be found in many gas-fired boilers, ensuring the precise ignition and operation of the boiler's burners.
  3. Water Heaters: Some water heaters, especially those in commercial settings, may use a SmartValve system to manage the flow of gas and the ignition sequence, ensuring that water is heated efficiently.
  4. Space Heaters: In larger commercial or industrial spaces, space heaters may use gas as a fuel source. SmartValve systems can manage the flow and ignition of gas in these heaters.
  5. Unit Heaters and Duct Furnaces: These are typically used in commercial environments to heat specific zones or areas. SmartValve systems can help manage the ignition and gas flow in these heaters.
  6. Infrared Heaters: Gas-fired infrared heaters, which can be used in both residential and commercial settings, might utilize SmartValve systems to ensure efficient and safe operation.
  7. Other Gas-Burning Appliances: Any appliance that requires precise control of gas flow and ignition could potentially use a SmartValve system or similar control.

Benefits of Using Honeywell SmartValve Gas Valves:

  1. Integrated Design: By combining gas flow control and ignition sequencing, there's a reduction in the number of components, leading to potentially easier installation and maintenance.
  2. Safety: With features that detect the presence (or absence) of a flame and react accordingly, these valves prioritize the safety of the appliance and its surroundings.
  3. Efficiency: Microprocessor-controlled operations ensure that gas is used efficiently, potentially leading to energy savings.
  4. Diagnostics: Built-in diagnostics in many models can make troubleshooting easier, reducing downtime and aiding in maintenance.
  5. Reliability: The integrated nature and robust construction of these valves can lead to longer operational lifespans and fewer service calls.

For specific applications or detailed information about a particular SmartValve model, consulting Honeywell's official documentation or contacting a Honeywell representative would be the best approach.

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