TH8320R1003 Honeywell VisionPRO 8000 with RedLINK Technology. Stages up to 3 Heat / 2 Cool

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  • Honeywell TH8320R1003 VisionPRO 8000
  • Honeywell TH8320R1003 VisionPRO 8000
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VisionPRO® 8000 with RedLINK™ is a 7 day programmable touchscreen thermostat that is selectable for residential or light commercial use. The thermostat can be wired directly to the equipment, use with the THM5421R1021 Equipment Interface Module or use with the THM4000R1000 TrueZONE Wireless Adapter. Works with the RedLINK™ accessories including the RedLINK™ Internet Gateway, Portable Comfort Control, Wireless Outdoor Sensor, Wireless Indoor Sensor, Wireless Entry/Exit Remote and Wireless Vent and Filter Boost Remote.


  • Thermostat works standalone or with the THM5421R1021 Equipment Interface Module or with the TrueZONE Wireless Adapter.
  • Smart Schedule - programs in seconds for any lifestyle.
  • Patented interview based programming and installer setup.
  • RedLINK™ wireless communication.
  • Selectable for residential and light commercial applications. Meets commercial code and is title 24 compliant.
  • Light commercial - commercial language (occupied and unoccupied), schedule holidays and custom events, remote setback, economizer and time of day. Remote Setback requires the THM5421R1021 Equipment Interface Module.
  • Plain language setup, no manual needed.
  • Alerts and User Interactions Log - Keeps a searchable history of alerts and setting changes to the thermostat to determine if there is a system malfunction or if the issue was caused by a user error. Saves time in troubleshooting and points the technician in the right direction. The Alert and User Interaction Logs are viewable on a computer after you download them from the thermostat to a microSD card.
  • Customizable Service Reminders allow dealers to remind their customers when its time to call for service, when their warranty is expiring and to provide customized alerts.
  • MicroSD port for copying the Installer Setup, Customizable Reminders, Custom Events and Holidays to multiple thermostats.
  • MicroSD port for adding the dealer's contact information on the screen.
  • 1 assignable output on the TH8321 model to control humidification, dehumidification, ventilation or a stage of heating/cooling.
  • 3 assignable outputs on the Equipment Interface Module to control humidification, dehumidification, ventilation or a stage of heating/cooling. The TH8110 and TH8320 models require the use of a Wireless Indoor Sensor to control humidification and dehumidification.
  • 1 assignable input can be use with a wired outdoor, indoor or discharge sensor.
  • 4 assignable inputs on the Equipment Interface Module can be use with wired outdoor, indoor or discharge sensors, occupancy sensor for remote setback and dry contact devices to trip pre-packaged or custom alerts such as a full drain pan or water leak.
  • Extend wireless range of the Equipment Interface Module by connecting a THM4000R1000 Wireless Adapter to the ABCD terminals.
  • Dual powered - battery or hardwired (C wire).
  • Precise temperature control (+/- 1° F) for reliable and consistent temperature.
  • Multiple staging options to provide comfort or energy savings.
  • Energy Star Unique ID 2344250


About RedLINK technology

RedLINK technology is a proprietary wireless communication system used in some thermostats and other home automation devices. It allows these devices to communicate with each other and with a central hub, allowing you to control them remotely using a smartphone or computer.

RedLINK technology operates on a low-power, wireless network and is designed to be highly reliable and secure. It is often used in thermostats to allow you to control the temperature in your home or business remotely, as well as to receive alerts and notifications about the status of your heating and cooling system.

In addition to thermostats, RedLINK technology is also used in other home automation devices, such as security systems and smart plugs. It allows these devices to work together as part of a larger home automation system, allowing you to control and monitor your home from a single app or interface.

Overall, RedLINK technology is a useful tool for home automation and can make it easier to control and monitor your home or business remotely.

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Seller Warranty for 1 Year.
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