KT-THR01 Universal Remote Control

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  • The KT-THR01 has a built in clock display and comes pre-programmed to work with vtronix Classic America mini splits, but can be programmed to work with most other brands. Starter codes for major brands and an Auto Search feature facilitate the pairing with other brands
  • LCD Display: The KT-THR01 has a clear LCD display that shows the current room temperature and humidity, making it easy to monitor and adjust the settings on the Vtronix Classic America mini split.
  • Remote Control: The KT-THR01 allows you to control the fan speed and desired temperature from a distance, making it convenient to use.
  • Auto Changeover. This device will allow you to turn on and set the mini split to cool at your desired temperature if the room is above 75F. If the room temperature is below 75F to start with, the device will let you turn on and set the mini split to heat at your desired temperature. Please not that the mode (heat/cool) cannot be changed manually, the device decides the mode based on your starting room temperature.
  • Smiley/Neutral/Sad face shows how the combination of temperature and humidity is evaluated by most people (might not match your preferences)
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