TWC-12CRD1/L0U-CA 12,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner for double hung windows with Wi Fi capability

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  • TWC-12CRD1/L0U-CA 12,000 BTU  Window Air Conditioner for double hung windows with Wi Fi capability
  • TWC-12CRD1/L0U-CA 12,000 BTU  Window Air Conditioner for double hung windows with Wi Fi capability
  • TWC-12CRD1/L0U-CA 12,000 BTU  Window Air Conditioner for double hung windows with Wi Fi capability
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If you are looking to purchase the perfect window air conditioner, look no further. This 12,000 BTU (12 CEER) Window Air Conditioner can cool, dry or simply ventilate your room. Left the room (or the house) and forgot to turn it off? Need the room to be cool when you get home but you don’t know at what time that will be? It got really hot during the day and you didn’t turn it on for your at-home pet?? No worries, you can control it from your smartphone via Wi-Fi.

The unit has 4 modes of standard operation: Auto, Cool, Fan and Dry. There are also plenty of preset features programmed into it. The Automatic Switch Over (AUTO) mode allows the unit to pick the mode based on room temperature. The Timer function powers off the unit after a period of time, saving you money, or powers on the unit after a period of time at your desired temperature. Sleep mode mirrors the body’s naturally changing temperature levels while we sleep, allowing an uninterrupted night of sleep with energy savings! Worried what happens to your pet in case of a temporary power outage? the Auto Restart function restarts the unit to continue running the same way after power is returned to the unit. Maintenance concerns? It comes with a washable filter and a Filter Clean alert after 500 hours of operation.


  • Air Conditioner
  • Adjustable side panels to cover the remaining part of the window opening
  • Top rail (8,000 only)
  • Mounting hardware ( frame lock, sash lock, sash seal foam tape and screws)
  • Wireless remote with full functionality.
  • User manual and separate Wi Fi manual with instructions on how to connect to Wi-Fi, if you wish.


  • Control from your smartphone over Wi-Fi if you wish.
  • Wireless Remote control with full functionality
  • Digital display and control panel
  • 3 Fan Speeds- High, Medium and Low
  • Auto-Restart (in case of power failure, all settings such as desired temperature, mode and fan speed will be retained, and applied when power is restored)
  • Water self-evaporation ( most of the water in the recovery tray is evaporated)
  • Sleep Mode (turns off all display lights except SLEEP and gradually increases desired temperature while you sleep in order to save energy)
  • 24-hour Timer (set time and temperature to turn on or time to turn off)
  • ECO mode (Energy Saving Mode)
  • Auto mode:  In AUTO mode the unit automatically chooses the fan speed and the mode of operation (COOL, DRY or FAN). In this mode the fan speed and the temperature are set automatically according to the room temperature
  • Filter Check reminder after 500 hours of operation
  • UL, DOE Certified

This unit  is  designed to be installed in a standard double-hung window with a window width between 23" and 36". The Lower Sash (the lower part of the window that moves up and down) must allow for 16" of vertical clearance when open. 120V three prong AC plug must be within 5.9 ft of unit (length of the power cord). Unit will draw 10.2A maximum.


  • Displays E1 or E2 - One of the sensors (room temperature or Coil temperature) has gone bad.
  • CL (on some models) or Check Filter Light on - Filter needs cleaning because fan has been running 500 hours. Press “Filter” button to reset. 

Get the User and Installation Manual

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Get the Wi-Fi Manual

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Download the Classic America App:

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Check the ratings given in the instructions to make sure the 8000 BTU unit is suitable for your application. Failure to follow instructions carefully can result in injury or cause damage to the product. Explosion hazard with risk of serious injury or death if installed improperly. After installation is complete, check out operation as provided in the instructions. Room size: R32 Refrigerant requires a minimum room size of 43 sq ft for safety. Additional, professional, window frame reinforcement may be needed, especially if installed on a 2nd floor window or higher.


Ships via UPS Ground only.  For multiple orders of this item, please contact us for freight shipping. SIGNATURE WILL BE REQUIRED. This is to prevent theft from your front door/porch of this large unit. Signature is also required just in case there are any shipping damages or problems, that way the customer can reject it instead of accepting the delivery.  Please message us with any questions!

Warranty: 1 year for manufacturing defects

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Warranty Information

1 year warranty
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