Honeywell S8610U3009 Installation Tips

The S8610U control module is not designed to replace controls with:

  • Flame sensing other than by flame rectification (White Rodgers Cycle-Pilot®, or Robertshaw thermal sensing)
  • Standing pilot appliances
  • Direct main burner ignition


When replacing an older ignition module it is necessary to connect the thermostat W signal to the TH-W terminal of the S8610U3009 module. The 24V GND terminal of the S8610U3009 should be connected to the common leg of the 24 VAC transformer. Note that the 24V terminal of the S8610U3009 should remain disconnected if a vent damper is not used.

The Honeywell  S8610U3009 universal intermittent pilot ignition module replaces many older ignition modules.

Check the table below before replacing an existing intermittent pilot control with the S8610U. If the existing control is not listed, do not use the S8610U to replace it unless you are certain the specifications match those of the existing control. 

To download the image: click here


Oct 10th 2018 Bert P.

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