S8610U3009 Honeywell/Resideo Ignition Module

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  • S8610U3009 Honeywell Intermittent Pilot Ignition Module
  • S8610U3009 Honeywell Intermittent Pilot Ignition Module
  • S8610U3009 Honeywell/Resideo Ignition Module
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Honeywell S8610U3009 Universal Intermittent Pilot Ignition Module replaces multiple field installed intermittent pilot modules supplied by Honeywell, Robertshaw, Johnson Controls and UTEC (HSC). Uses existing intermittent pilot burner. Includes cross reference, instructions and accessories for easy replacement. 


  • Replaces over 400 White-Rogers, Robertshaw and Honeywell intermittent pilot ignition modules
  • Provides ignition sequencing, flame monitoring and safety shutoff for intermittent pilot warm air furnaces and heating appliances
  • Provides 100 percent pilot gas shutoff if pilot fails to light; after 5-minute delay, trial for ignition is repeated. Ignition trial/delay sequence is repeated until the appliance lights or call for heat is removed
  • For use with Natural or LP gas
  • For use in single rod or dual rod / remote sense applications
  • Includes spark cable adapters to allow field replacement of both Honeywell and competitive controls without replacing existing spark cable.


  • TH-W should be connected to 24VAC from the thermostat
  • 24V GND should be connected to the un-switched leg of 24VAC transformer
  • 24V should NOT be connected if P1 vent damper is not use

Replaces the following Honeywell models

S86A1001, S86A1019, S86A1027, S86A1035, S86B1009, S86B1017, S86B1025, S86C1007, S86C1015, S86C1023, S86C1031, S86C1049, S86C1056, S86D1005, S86D1013, S86D1021, S86E1002, S86E1010, S86E1028, S86E1036, S86E1044, S86E1051, S86E1069, S86E1077, S86E1101, S86E1119, S86E1127, S86F1000, S86F1018, S86F1026, S86F1042, S86F1059, S86F1067, S86F1075, S86F1083, S86F1091, S86G1008, S86G1016, S86G1024, S86G1032, S86G1057, S86G1073, S86H1006, S86H1014, S86H1022, S86H1048, S86H1055, S86H1063, S86H1089, S86H1097, S86H1105, S86H1113, S86H1121, S86H1139, S86H1147, S90A1005, S90B1003, S90B1011, S860C1000, S860D1009, S860D1017, S8600A1001, S8600B1009, S8600B1025, S8600B3005, S8600B3013, S8600C1015, S8600C3003, S8600F1000, S8600F1034, S8600F1042, S8600H1006, S8600H1014, S8600H1022, S8600H1048, S8600H1055, S8600H1063, S8600H1071, S8600H1089, S8600H1097, S8600H1105, S8600H3002, S8600H3010, S8600M1005, S8600M1013, S8600M1021, S8600M2003, S8600M3001, S8600M4009, S8610A1009, S8610B1007, S8610B1015, S8610B1023, S8610B3003, S8610C1005, S8610C1013, S8610C3001, S8610F1008, S8610F1016, S8610F1024, S8610F1032, S8610H1004, S8610H1012, S8610H1020, S8610H1038, S8610H1046, S8610H1053, S8610H1061, S8610H1079, S8610H1095, S8610H3000, S8610H3018, S8610H3026, S8610M1003, S8610M1011, S8610M1029, S8610M3009, S8610M3017, S8610U1003, S8610U1011, S8620C1003, S8620C1011, S8620H1002, S8620H1010, S8620H1028, S8660D1002, S8660D1010, S8660J1008, S8660J1016, S8660J1024, S8660K1006, S8660K1014, S8660K1022, S8670D1000, S8670D1018, S8670D1026, S8670D3006, S8670D3014, S8670E1007, S8670E3003, S8670J3002, S8670J3010, S8670K3000, S8680J1004


For quick installation tips Click Here

OFF: No call for heat, TH-W does not have 24VAC present
Fast Flash: Power up - internal check
Heart beat (1/2 sec bright, 1/2 dim cycles)
Normal start up, ignition sequence started
4 secs on then x flashes: Device in run mode. "x" = flame current to the nearest microamp
2 flashes: 5 minute retry delay
3 flashes: Flame failed during run
4 flashes: Flame sensed out of sequence4 flashes: Flame sensed out of sequence
5 flashes: Damper error. Make sure 24V terminal is not connected if P1 plug is not use
6 flashes: Control internal error
7 flashes: Flame rod shorted to ground
8 flashes: Low secondary voltage supply. Check transformer and AC line

Check the ratings given in the instructions to make sure the S8610U module is suitable for your application. Needs to be installed by experienced licensed professional. Failure to follow instructions carefully can result in injury or cause damage to the product. Explosion hazard with risk of serious injury or death if installed improperly. After installation is complete, check out operation as provided in the instructions.

DISCLAIMER: Acr4sale is not responsible for how the product is installed.


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Seller Warranty for 1 Year.
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15 Reviews

  • 5
    Honeywell Ignition Module S8610U

    S8610U replaces a few other modules, easy to replace, Extremely reliable, I have been using this product for over 10 years and they still working on my customer equipment.

  • 4
    S8610U3009. ?Pilot inn. controer

    just can;t seem to get. any info on the 1 or 2 rod sensor and the hi voltage anode wire /. lead ! AND is that also the carrier lead info for the controller ? need some help hear Please Hello Carl, We'd be glad to help you. Did you buy from us? We can't find how to contact you. Our tech support number is 1-800-349-4360 and we'll try to help you even if you did not purchase it from us. Ask for Bert!

  • 5

    Replaced an old S8610F worked well, after I moved the 24V wire to TH-W location.

  • 5

    Installed; and it works as it is intended

  • 5
    Good product!

    Direct replacement for the old worn out part, and it works just as expected. The furnace lights as it should again! Great product at a great price!

  • 5
    You need the TH - W terminal hooked up

    My old module S8600 did not use the t h - W terminal in fact it was even missing off the module so I hooked up the new module S 8610 without using that terminal and it would not work, after about an hour of messing around I looked at all the diagrams they all showed the thw terminal going to the thermostat and the module. Once I hooked that up the furnace fired immediately and has been running fine ever since.

  • 5
    Ac Products

    Service was great and products were exactly as they said it was.

  • 5

    just as described fast shipping

  • 5
    Warm in Ohio

    Easy set up if you follow the directions closely. There was a question I had because it was a little confusing in the instructions, but it was nothing that Google couldn't handle. I used this universal model to replace the old S86F. The shipment was timely and arrived as promised. Thank God that I have heat now!

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