RM7890A1015 Honeywell On-Off Primary Burner Control

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  • RM7890A1015 Honeywell On-Off Primary Burner Control
  • RM7890A1015 Honeywell On-Off Primary Burner Control
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Honeywell RM7890A1015 On-Off Primary Control

Microprocessor-based integrated primary burner control for automatically fired gas, oil or combination fuel single burner applications. Provides level of safety, functional capability and features beyond conventional controls.



  • Functions include automatic burner sequencing, flame supervision, system status indication, system or self diagnostics and troubleshooting.
  • Subbase and amplifier are required for operation.
  • Options include PC interface, keyboard display module, DATA CONTROLBUS™ MODULE, remote display module, first-out expanded annunciator, and COMBUSTION SYSTEM MANAGER™ software.
  • Five LEDs provide sequence information.
  • Interchangeable plug-in flame amplifiers.
  • Optional local or remote annunciation of operation and fault information.
  • Nonvolatile memory retains history files and sequencing status after power loss.
  • Optional remote reset capability.
  • Optional report generation.
  • Selectable relight or lockout on loss of flame.

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The RM7890A1015 is a model of an On-Off Primary Burner Control from Honeywell. The RM7890 series of primary burner controls are designed for automatic startup and shutdown of single or multiple burner combustion equipment used in commercial and industrial applications. These controls offer safety, functional capabilities, and reliability for properly operating burner systems.

Here are some key features and points related to the RM7890A1015 and similar Honeywell On-Off Primary Burner Controls:

Microprocessor-based: These controls utilize modern microprocessor technology to ensure accurate and reliable operation.

Safety: One of the primary functions of the RM7890 is to ensure safe ignition and operation of burners. If the control detects any anomalies or unsafe conditions, it can shut down the burner to prevent unsafe operation.

Sequence Control: The RM7890 controls the sequence in which various components of a burner system operate, such as igniters, main burners, and blower motors. This ensures an orderly and safe startup and shutdown of the burner.

Diagnostics: Many of these controls come equipped with diagnostic LEDs that give operators immediate feedback about the control's status and any faults that might occur. This makes troubleshooting and maintenance easier.

Compatibility: The RM7890 series is designed to be compatible with a range of Honeywell flame detectors and amplifiers, ensuring proper flame detection and amplification.

Interlocks: These controls also offer various interlock inputs for integrating with other safety devices and systems, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Lockout and Timing: In case of a flame failure or other fault conditions, the RM7890 will go into a lockout mode, requiring a manual reset. Additionally, the control provides specific timings for ignition, trial for ignition, and other sequence steps to ensure safe burner operation.

Remote Reset Capability: Some models allow for remote reset, meaning if the control goes into lockout due to a fault, it can be reset remotely, enhancing operational convenience.

If you're looking to install, maintain, or troubleshoot an RM7890A1015 or any similar model, always refer to Honeywell's official technical documentation and manuals. This ensures you have accurate and up-to-date information on installation procedures, specifications, and safety guidelines.

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